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Activities in Argentina - Introduction

We're eagerly awaiting the next visit of the Georgia Jazz Quartet for the period from June, 4th till June, 23rd. (Look at the planned activities here).

Georgia Jazz Quartet
Georgia Jazz Quartet
The Georgia Jazz Band visited Argentina during two weeks in June 2002, performing and offering workshops to music students and teachers in Marcos Júarez, Bell Ville and Villa María in the province of Córdoba. The group leaded by Randall Reese (saxophone), was completed with Pat Hill (keyboard), John Walker (percussion) and Bill Morris (bass).
In Marcos Juárez the Georgia Jazz Band was hosted by the Munucipal Band of the city. There they did some workshops with the members of the band and some guests from other bands and towns. Mr. James Anderson - part of the group and Band Director - teached, practiced and leaded a piece with the local Municipal Band at the Concert in Teatro Italiano. More than a thousand children from primary schools also enjoyed the performance of the Gerorgia Jazz Band in a special and very enjoyable day. Bandaplastica
The 'PlasticBand'

In Bell Ville the group was hosted by the local band; while in Villa María the National University and the National Technological University hosted them. In Villa María the members of the Band offered more workshops for university students and performed in a concert for the local comunity.

This group of teachers (as they prefer to be nominated) also had the opportunity to learn about Argentina, its culture and people. During June 2003 they will return to Argentina for a new tour and to strengthen the relationships initiated last year.