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News archive

St Albans Washington DC - STEdP Short Term Educational Program USA – Argentina 2010 (More info...)
../news/past/20100612/icon.jpeg June 12, 2010
Hi Ms. Chase Thank you very much for everything you did for us. It\'s hard to even imagine all the work you put into making our trip possible, and I am very grateful that you are so generous.
Alex & Tobin - Bishops High School CapeTown South Africa to Argentina and Chile (More info...)
../news/past/20090923/icon.jpeg September 23, 2009
Last Term of Bishops SA to take 3 weeks Spanish one to one course in Salta Argentina . Alex was family hosted by St Peters High School in Vina del Mar Chile Tobin was family hosted by Los Olivos Mendoza Argentina
Midrand High School “Living in the USA” (More info...)
../news/past/20090626/icon.jpeg June 26, 2009
A magnificent group of 17 secondary students with a wonderful teacher Lianda and outstanding Principal Almarie, participated on a USA TCEF Program New York – Lancaster – Amish Community – Washington DC 4th of July 2009.
St Marys DSG Diocesan School of Girls Pretoria Gauteng South Africa (More info...)
../news/past/20090405.1/icon.jpeg April 5, 2009
St Marys High School return for the second time to South America, to play with schools of Chile and Argentina, and this time they played 5 disciplines. Tennis, Hockey, Squash, Basquetball and Netball. We need to express the gratitude to Ms Susan De Bruyn and Ms Lynnette Ferreira that since 2005, Argentina created the Federation of netball. They had games in Vina del Mar, Temuco, Puerto Varas in Chile. Buenos Aires and Bariloche Argentina. DSG visited Calafate the Glacier Perito Moreno in the province of Santa Cruz Argentina.
Midland Youth Choir - Valley of 1.000 Hills, Pietermaritzburg - KwaZulu Natal Province -South Africa (More info...)
../news/past/20090405/icon.jpeg April 5, 2009
Midlands Choir was a group of 12 South African High schools of Valley of 1.000 Hills. Treverton (Mooi River) – Hilton College(Hilton) – MichaelHouse(Ligetton) – Wembley(Greytown)Pietermaritzburg Maritzburg College – PMB Girls High – Epworth – St Anne’s College – St John’s – St Charles – Vootrekker & The Wykeham Collegiate
STEdP Short Term Educational Program Argentina & Chile to South Africa 2009 (More info...)
../news/past/20090102/icon.jpeg January 2, 2009
Eight argentine and five chilean students in different High Schools of South Africa.
Bishops College - William Rosenberg & Arron Darcy Exchange (More info...)
../news/past/20080924/icon.jpeg September 24, 2008
William or Guillermo / Billy, as he was called in Spanish ,visited 4 countries in a period of 3 months Mendoza Argentina, where he went to Los Olivos High School , and Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina the triple frontier of South America, and Chile as well.
Washington National Cathedral Girls Choir - Washington Mount St Albans Boys Choir (More info...)
../news/past/20080627/icon.jpeg June 27, 2008
For 2 weeks 91 Boys and Girls Choir visited South Africa . They sang on churches and Cathedrals of 4 provinces of 9 of South Africa. The interaction with South African best Choirs was extraordinary
Rustenburg Hoerskool Choir (More info...)
../news/past/20080618/icon.jpeg June 18, 2008
The Rusties Choir spread its voices from small chapels to majestic Cathedrals in Argentina. Buenos Aires : Cathedral Basilica of City of La Plata - Teatro Argentino – St Andrews Scot’s High School – St Hilda’s High School Córdoba: Cruz Alta Cathedral – Los Surgentes Church – Rio 3 Church – Córdoba Salta: 18th century Salta Cathedral – Cafayate – Devil’s Throut Anphiteather Los Andes Range – Metan Church – San Francisco de Asís – El Galpón Santiago del Estero: Ojo de Agua Chapel
Human Service Project Kennesaw State University Georgia USA (More info...)
../news/past/20080516/icon.jpeg May 16, 2008
10 students & 1 graduated of Human Service Degree with their professor Dr Louise Bill share at Seclantas Valley TCEF program.
Study Abroad Armstrong Atlantic State University – Savannah – Georgia USA (More info...)
../news/past/20080512/icon.jpeg May 12, 2008
The Department of Art of AASU with Professor Rachel Green, her students and Research Team head to Salta Argentina to complete their dreams . Dreams that were nurtured for several months of hard work to achieve this CHALLENGE.
Roedean Choir Johannesburg Gauteng Province South Africa (More info...)
../news/past/20080411/icon.jpeg April 11, 2008
First Time that TCEF makes such a long journey with 39 girls from a South African Choir in the US.
Simply Blue Choir – Bishops College Cape Town South Africa to Argentina & Chile (More info...)
../news/past/20080323/icon.jpeg March 23, 2008
  Christopher Llewellyn Carter
  Matthew DeKlerk 
  Justin Thomas Davenport
  Nicholas James Dowdall
  Siseko Mvano Dynywa
  Mangaliso Maki Gubancxa 
  Xhanti Xhamela Mahonga
  Graham Andrew Hodges
  Timothy Gosiame Morake
  Dean Laurence Robertson
  Konstantinos Scholiadis
  Dane Robert Craig Stirrat
  Nicholas Lassen
  Mrs Marion Bradley Conductor
  Mr Wayne Tucker Tour Manager

SERVICE PROJECT - Washington University St Louis Missouri USA
Law Students (More info...)
../news/past/20080306/icon.jpeg March 6, 2008
Susan Chase
Fido y Berta Aban
Luis Touceda
Dr John y Karin Haley
1 - Anthony R Friedman 
2 - Brittany Noreen Davis 
3 - Debora Rogo
4 - Brent Gregory Burpee 
5 - Reagan Coe Walsh Larkin 
6 - Jamar Kazan Ray
7 - Joseph Alan Lambson
8 - Lauren Andrea Worsek
9 - Allison Marie Schulman
10 - Naomi Margaret Warren

Nasa Tours 2007 (More info...)
../news/past/20071001.1/icon.jpeg October 1, 2007
Once again TCEF returns to Kansas Space Center - Cosmosphere with the traditional visit. See our photos...
Happy Birthday AASU (More info...)
October 1, 2007
Armstromg Atlantic held its 12th annual Celebrate AASU Day in October with like music, hot dogs, cokes and ice cream, and plenty of fun and games under clear blue skies.
Study Abroad Kennesaw University GA USA - Faculty of Geography and Anthropology (More info...)
June 16, 2007
The Study abroad had 2 components 2 weeks of study and lectures at Kennesaw University by professor Lynn Patterson and 2 weeks on the field in Salta Argentina.With academic credits.- 1.-Seclantas Valley Fundacion Valle Verde 2.-Schools of San Antonio de los Cobres 3.-Cafayate and Cachi
Music Professors from A.A.S.U. Work With Argentine Students. (More info...)
../news/past/20070601/icon.jpeg June 1, 2007
In June 2007 the Symphonic Super Band Project had its fourth annual session in Villa Maria, Argentina.
Florida Choir Johannesburgo - South Africa to Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20070326/icon.jpeg March 26, 2007
The prestigious choir “ConSpirito” from Florida High School, conducted by Professor Ralf Schmitt, visited several provinces and cities in Argentina their Cultural Tour organizad by TCEF Chase Foundation, Advanced International Educational Systems.
Newsletter 2007 distributed (More info...)
January 1, 2007
As we promised in our previous Newsletter, we will review the activities that have taken place during the most recent period.
Newsletter August 2006 distributed (More info...)
../news/past/20060915/icon.jpeg September 15, 2006
Happy Holidays to you all from The Chase Educational Foundation\'s Headquarters!
Agostina Pomiro, AuPair student in USA (More info...)
September 2, 2006
I still remember that day on April when I was told that I had to fly in one week from then, or when I was at the airport in Cordoba thinking about what to do next.
Newsletter January 2006 distributed (More info...)
../news/past/20060112/icon.jpeg January 12, 2006
Happy New Year to you all from The Chase Educational Foundation's Headquarters!
Trip to the Iguazu Water Falls (More info...)
../news/past/20051218/icon.jpeg December 18, 2005
With incredible but spirited start to the Iguazu Falls Tour, we arrived on tour to the Brazil, Paraguayan and Argentine tripartite frontier where temperatures of 42 degrees Centigrade awaited us.
Lerato & Siphiwe - VUT Students (More info...)
../news/past/20051120/icon.jpeg November 20, 2005
Siphiwe Ndlovu and Lerato Huma, both students from the Vaal University of Technology in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa, travelled to Argentina for the period of 6 months.
My Experience in Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20051108/icon.jpeg November 8, 2005
I first arrived in Argentina, knowing hardly anything about the country that I was going to be staying in. I have been very pleasantly surprised by all I have found out and experienced since then.
Simply Blue Tour Argentina 2005 (More info...)
../news/past/20051102/icon.jpeg November 2, 2005
From November 27th to December 11th 2005, the Simply Blue Choir from Bishops Diocesan College, Rondebosch, Cape Town, South Africa, will be travelling to South America for the TCEF Bishops Tour Argentina 2005.
Susan Chase, VP TCEF's Visit to South Africa (More info...)
../news/past/20051015/icon.jpeg October 15, 2005
TCEF's Vice President, Susan Chase, visited South Africa for a period of four months helping TCEF-ALO Director Debbie Harland in the development of our International Educational Programs.
Robyn Harland & Kate Probert in Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20050912/icon.jpeg September 12, 2005
Last call for flight MH202 to Buenos Aires (Argentina). This was when the excitement really hit me - I was about to depart from my comfort zone to a new, unknown country, where I would be staying for the next month - without my parents!
Newsletter August 2005 distributed (More info...)
../news/past/20050829/icon.jpeg August 29, 2005
We have been extremely busy since March this year with all of our activities and tours and we will take this opportunity to give you a brief update.
Goodwill Ambassador Programme - Izak van der Walt (More info...)
../news/past/20050711/icon.jpeg July 11, 2005
At the age of 18, I have had many opportunities in my life, but none like these... most of all I had the chance to learn about myself.
Trip To Bariloche (More info...)
../news/past/20050710/icon.jpeg July 10, 2005
I never really expected Bariloche to be cold, but did I get a surprise when I arrived there in nothing more than slip slops and socks... this trip was one of the best highlights of my stay in Argentina.
Iguazu Falls Tour June 2005 (More info...)
../news/past/20050703/icon.jpeg July 3, 2005
The trip to the Iguazu falls has proven itself to be an experience well worth remembering for every single one of the Chase Foundation students that year after year have made the journey. This year has been no exception.
PGHS Hockey Tour Argentina 2005 (More info...)
../news/past/20050314/icon.jpeg March 14, 2005
Between the 16th and the 30th of March 2005, the Pretoria Girls High School´s Hockey Team will be touring Argentina in a two weeks Hockey Tour through the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba and Mendoza.
Academic Year in USA - Keisy Chase (More info...)
../news/past/20050313/icon.jpeg March 13, 2005
I came to the United States in August 18th with a goal. The goal of completing my high school in Glasco, Kansas. Something I thought was… impossible.
Argentine STEdP Students on Tour (More info...)
../news/past/20050307/icon.jpeg March 7, 2005
The STEdP Students from Argentina are touring South Africa with our TCEF ALO SA Representatives. They visited Suni Pass, Lesotho and are on their way to Durban enjoying this wonderful experience.
Newsletter March 2005 distributed (More info...)
../news/past/20050305/icon.jpeg March 5, 2005
During the period 23rd January - 20th February 2005, Susan and I travelled to South Africa. The purpose of the trip was to establish and review programs being prepared for the 2005-2007 period...
AuPair in USA - Maricel Jaime (More info...)
../news/past/20050303/icon.jpeg March 3, 2005
I´m in Plymouth, Michigan, 30 minutes away from Detroit. With 30 cm of snow aproximatly, in the last winter month here in USA. This is a short geographical description of the place where I am now...
GOAL Students Arrival (More info...)
../news/past/20050223/icon.jpeg February 23, 2005
On Wednesday the 23rd of February 2005 a new group of five GOAL/GAPS students arrived from South Africa. They will stay in Argentina for a period of six/nine months learning about the Spanish language, Argentine way of life and about themselves.
Constanza Cerutti at AASU (More info...)
../news/past/20050127/icon.jpeg January 27, 2005
Renowned archaeologist and mountain climber Constanza Cerutti, the only female high-altitude archaeologist in the world, will give a presentation at Armstrong Atlantic State University (AASU), January 31.
Argentine STEdP Students Departure (More info...)
../news/past/20050123/icon.jpeg January 23, 2005
On Sunday the 23rd of January 2005, a group of 23 students and TCEF´s Vice President Susan Chase, daparted to South Africa.
Buenos Aires Tour (More info...)
../news/past/20050110/icon.jpeg January 10, 2005
A group of eight South African exchange students visited Buenos Aires city from the 6th to the 9th of January 2005. During their visit there they did a city tour, shopping, and had a great time together. On Sunday the 9th four students went back to South Africa and the rest returned to their respectives host families.
Orientation Meeting at TCEF (More info...)
../news/past/20050106/icon.jpeg January 6, 2005
After the festive season\'s break, on Thursday the 6th of January 2005 we held the last orientation meeting for outbound students at TCEF\'s Headquarters in Villa Carlos Paz. The students will depart to South Africa.
Newsletter December 2004 distributed (More info...)
../news/past/20041222/icon.jpeg December 22, 2004
Once again we make contact with you through our TCEF Newsletter, the last one in this incredible and exciting 2004.
`Xmas in Argentina´ Students Arrival (More info...)
../news/past/20041128/icon.jpeg November 28, 2004
On Sunday the 28th of November 2004, a group of seven `Christmas in Argentina´ students arrived. They will experience how Argentine host families spend the festive season in this country; while learning about the local culture and Spanish language.
Newsletter October 2004 distributed (More info...)
../news/past/20041002/icon.jpeg October 2, 2004
The last three months since our last communication through our TCEF Newsletter have been probably one of the busiest and more productive periods of TCEF...
STEdP Students August / September (More info...)
../news/past/20040914/icon.jpeg September 14, 2004
On Sunday the 8th of August a group of 13 Short Term Educational Exchange Students (STEdP\'s) arrived from South Africa for a five week program with Argentine host families.
Orientation Meetings at TCEF (More info...)
../news/past/20040905/icon.jpeg September 5, 2004
During the last couple of months we have also been holding our regular TCEF Orientation Meetings for Argentine students going overseas and for International students currently experiencing their exchange program in Argentina.
Iguazu Falls Trip (More info...)
../news/past/20040903/icon.jpeg September 3, 2004
On Sunday 29th of August a group 13 Short Term Educational Program Students departed on tour to the Iguazu water Falls in the north east of Argentina.
Barbershop Boys Choir in Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20040830/icon.jpeg August 30, 2004
From Wednesday the 11th of August to Sunday the 29th, the Barbershop Boys Choir from St. Albans College, Pretoria, South Africa visited Argentina for an eighteen days tour.
STEdP Students June / July (More info...)
../news/past/20040728/icon.jpeg July 28, 2004
From the 23rd of June through to the 28th of July 2004 a group of four Short Term Educational Program (STEdP) Students arrived from South Africa to learn about the Spanish language, the Argentine culture and way of life.
Fullbright Commission Visits Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20040719/icon.jpeg July 19, 2004
During the period 15th to the 18th of July 2004 a group of fourteen professors from different US Universities visited the province of Córdoba through the Fullbright Commission.
Iguazu Falls Trip (More info...)
../news/past/20040710/icon.jpeg July 10, 2004
From the 27th of June to the 2nd of July our GAP, Professional, Acadenic Year and STEdP students made a trip to the Iguazu falls together with Martin Dalmasso and TCEF´s Board of Director members Carlos and Yiyi Mauvecin.
Newsletter June 2004 distributed (More info...)
../news/past/20040709/icon.jpeg July 9, 2004
In this opportunity we would like to tell you about our recent past activities as well as coming events in the next few weeks to come.
The Mighty Sounds of the Eaglets Arrival (More info...)
../news/past/20040625/icon.jpeg June 25, 2004
The Choir of the Vaal University of Technology The Mighty Sounds of the Eaglets will be touring through different communities in the Republic of Argentina. Look at the itinerary here.
Art Professors from USA Visit Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20040603/icon.jpeg June 3, 2004
Plastic artists Carmela Aliffi, Steve Jarvis and Susan Krause had a very tight schedule during the Oncativo leg of the tour. They visited the community of General Deheza and offered several workshops for primary and high school students in Oncativo.
The Georgia Jazz Band Quartet (More info...)
../news/past/20040602/icon.jpeg June 2, 2004
In this opportunity the band was Directed - as in the past tours - by saxophonist Randall Reese. Also with him bass player Todd Markey (on his second visit to Argentina); and the newies Paul Campiglia on drums / percussion and Connor Heffernan on piano.
Georgia Jazz Band and Cordoba Provincial Superband (More info...)
../news/past/20040601/icon.jpeg June 1, 2004
On June, 1rst, a group of Professors from different US Universities arrived in Argentina for a two week Academic tour, visiting the Provinces of Córdoba, Santiago del Estero, Tucumán and Salta to present workshops and concerts in the Musical, Economics, Arts and Design, Language and Communications areas.
Daniel Jack Crowsley (More info...)
../news/past/20040503/icon.jpeg May 3, 2004
It is with very deep regret we announce the tragic accidental death of Daniel Jack Crowsley, a very much loved exchange student to Argentina during 2002, son of Phil and Pam (from our TCEF - ALO Office), and brother to Amy.
Iguazu Falls Trip (More info...)
../news/past/20040423/icon.jpeg April 23, 2004
On Sunday the 18th April, TCEF President Duncan Chase accompanied a group of South African Five-week students on a Tour to the Iguazu Falls.
STEdP Students Arrival (More info...)
../news/past/20040408/icon.jpeg April 8, 2004
A group of five exchange students from different South African schools participating in the Short Term Educational Program STEdP arrived in Argentina on Wednesday the 7th of April.
Pozo del Molle Centenary (More info...)
../news/past/20040405/icon.jpeg April 5, 2004
Between the 1st and the 5th of April 2004 the community of Pozo del Molle hosted seven youngsters of different nationalities, who were part of the City\\\'s Centenary Year Celebrations.
Letter to Students back in Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20040331/icon.jpeg March 31, 2004
We know you are all home now and caught up with your sleep after your long trip. Life in Johannesburg and Pretoria is very quiet now and everyone here is missing you all.
Newsletter March 2004 distributed (More info...)
March 23, 2004
The first three months of this 2004 have already just flown by and we haven\'t really had the time to even think where they went...
GAP Students Arrival (More info...)
../news/past/20040311/icon.jpeg March 11, 2004
On Wednesday the 18th of February seven GAP students and an Academic Year student arrived from South Africa, and on Thursday the 11th of March a new Academic Year student arrived from New Zealand.
Duncan Chase Activities in South Africa (More info...)
../news/past/20040222/icon.jpeg February 22, 2004
En route south from Johannesburg and having travelled through Durban, Duncan, Isiais, Dru and Matias travelled through a very warm Umtata in Transkei, visited the University of Fort Hare and journed to Cape Town
Vaal University of Technology, South Africa # 1 (More info...)
../news/past/20040218/icon.jpeg February 18, 2004
Duncan Chase visited the Vaal University of Technology (VUT) in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa on many different occasions...
Dr. Anderson visit to Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20040128/icon.jpeg January 28, 2004
Between the 25th and the 28th of January 2004, Professors James Anderson and David Starling visited Argentina and TCEF´s Headquarters in Villa Carlos Paz.
'Christmas in Argentina' students return home (More info...)
../news/past/20040115/icon.jpeg January 15, 2004
The Christmas in Argentina students arrived at Buenos Aires on Friday the 16th of January 2004 for a city tour and the final return home to South Africa after spending five weeks with Argentine host families...
Departure Stedps Students to SA (More info...)
../news/past/20040112/icon.jpeg January 12, 2004
On Monday the 12th of January 2004, Duncan Chase, TCEF's President, and ten STEdP left from Córdoba's International Airport for an overnight stay in Buenos Aires before travelling for South Africa.
TCEF newsletter 2003-12 distributed (More info...)
December 26, 2003
During the last couple of months the activities and work haven´t decreased at all. The programs and projects have been developing...
Last Orientation Meetings for 2003 (More info...)
../news/past/20031215/icon.jpeg December 15, 2003
As usual around this time of the year, the last Saturday of each month we have our Orientation meetings for our outbounder students.
Christmas in Argentina Students Arrival (More info...)
../news/past/20031210/icon.jpeg December 10, 2003
On Wednesday the 10th of December the first \"Xmas in Argentina\" group arrived. Six South African students from...
National University at Tucumán (More info...)
../news/past/20031120.4/icon.jpeg November 20, 2003
Wonderful cooperation from Professors and Staff of the National University of Tucuman!
Universidad Católica de Salta (More info...)
../news/past/20031120.3/icon.jpeg November 20, 2003
Dr Patricio Colombo Murúa, Susan Chase and Dr Aubrey Mokadi, Rector of the Vaal Triangle Technikon exchanging farewell greetings.
Technological University at Villa María (More info...)
../news/past/20031120.2/icon.jpeg November 20, 2003
Eng Juan Carlos Peretti and Dr Aubrey Mokadi, confidence in a vision for international academic cooperation for both Continents.
National University of Salta (More info...)
../news/past/20031120.1/icon.jpeg November 20, 2003
Dr Aubrey Mokadi signing the Letter of Intent for International Cooperation with the National University of Salta.
Letter of Intent - International Cooperation (More info...)
../news/past/20031120/icon.jpeg November 20, 2003
Rector Carlos Dominguez of the National University of Villa Maria signing the Letter of Intent - International Cooperation with VTT...
../news/past/20031105/icon.jpeg November 5, 2003
For a variety of reasons, some persons have not been correctly introduced to you. Here's a short presentation of (hopefully) most of them...
From Oncativo, Argentina to Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia (More info...)
../news/past/20031010/icon.jpeg October 10, 2003
April the 4th, 2000, my sixteenth birthday, and 4 other students and myself were on our way to Argentina for our exchange program. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew it was going to be an experience to remember.
Trip to Mendoza (More info...)
../news/past/20031005/icon.jpeg October 5, 2003
On Sunday the 5th of October Duncan and Susan Chase traveled to Mendoza with our GAP student Jeff Webster. There they visited local High Schools and met with prospective students and host families.
SA STEdP Students return home (More info...)
../news/past/20030907/icon.jpeg September 7, 2003
After four and five weeks our Short Term Educational Exchange Students returned to South Africa in two groups...
The Wits Choir arrives at Ezeiza airport (More info...)
../news/past/20030820/icon.jpeg August 20, 2003
The Choir from the Wits University, South Africa, arrived at the international airport in Ezeiza, Argentina, to start their three week long tour visiting as many provinces.
Gerhard Swanepoel in Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20030817/icon.jpeg August 17, 2003
After assisting to the 13th International Conference en Criminology, Gerhard Swanepoel acepted TCEF´s invitation to Argentina from the 17th to the 22nd of August 2003.
South African TCEF visits Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20030816/icon.jpeg August 16, 2003
The newly founded South African Office of TCEF, headed by Debbie Harland and Pam Crowsley, arrived in Argentina on the 15th of August.
Falls visit (More info...)
../news/past/20030815/icon.jpeg August 15, 2003
TCEF once again visited the Iguazú falls at the end of August 2003, with the students from St. Alban's College, Rodean School SA, St. Stithian's College and St. John's College.
South African exchange students arrive in Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20030806/icon.jpeg August 6, 2003
A group of twelve exchange students from South Africa participating in the Short Term Educational Program arrived to Argentina These students will stay in Argentina for five weeks.
TCEF newsletter 2003-08 distributed (More info...)
August 5, 2003
Once again June and July were a very busy and productive months for all of us at The Chase Educational Foundation.
TCEF students visit the Iguazú Falls (More info...)
../news/past/20030627/icon.jpeg June 27, 2003
The magnificence of the falls, the legacy and knowlege of the Jesuits in San Ignacio, the semi precious stones of Wanda, the parties, food, music, and all other components ...
Fullbright Commission Visits Argentina/Chile (More info...)
../news/past/20030626/icon.jpeg June 26, 2003
From the 26th to the 29th of June 2003 a group of 13 Professors from different American Universities visited Córdoba, Argentina as member of a Fullbright Comission.
Eddie & JoAnn Alban (More info...)
../news/past/20030605/icon.jpeg June 5, 2003
Dr. Edward Alban (Economist) and Professor JoAnn Alban (English Language) were part of the Armstrong Atlantict State University delegation to Argentina from June the 5th to July the 1st 2003.
Dr. Allworth Sipamla returns to South Africa (More info...)
../news/past/20030515/icon.jpeg May 15, 2003
Dr Allworth Sipamla returned to South Africa after a short but intensive tour to Universities and industries in the Córdoba area.
TCEF newsletter 2003-05 distributed (More info...)
May 10, 2003
On the visit of Dr. Allworth Sipamla, and the upcoming trip of the Georgia Jazz Band and Dr. James Anderson. If you didn't already, subscribe here.
www.tcef.org again on-line
../news/past/20030504/icon.jpeg May 4, 2003
After a month of problems with registration services, www.tcef.org is back on-line!
Tcef.org will again host the English version, while www.chase.org.ar will have the Spanish access. Of course you'll still be able to switch easily. Our apologies for the confusion and inconvenience.
Dr. Allworth Simpamla in Argentina (More info...)
../news/past/20030501/icon.jpeg May 1, 2003
The Dean of the Faculty of Planning and Technology of the Technikon University of Vaal Triangle of South Africa is visiting Argentina to realize technology interchange programs...
Luis Ronchi in Armenia (More info...)
../news/past/20030321/icon.jpeg March 21, 2003
All starts in cosmopolitan London, when I was rushing to the Russian embassy to try to get my visa so I got off the "Underground" gate in Notting Hill...
Susan Chase South Africa trip (part 2) (More info...)
../news/past/20030203/icon.jpeg February 3, 2003

Primera salida para Sudáfrica del 2003 (More info...)
../news/past/20030119/icon.jpeg January 19, 2003
On January 19th, 2003, groups of students from different parts of Argentina, met at Ezeiza Airport, to leave for their stay in South Africa, with an intermediate stop in Brasil.
¡Última orientación antes de la gran salida! (More info...)
../news/past/20030110/icon.jpeg January 10, 2003
On 10th January 2003, Argentine STEdP Exchange Students departing to South Africa on the 19th January 2003 had their final pre-departure Orientation and "get-together" at the Chase Foundations Offices.
Vice presidente de la Fundación Chase parte a Sudáfrica (More info...)
../news/past/20021127/icon.jpeg November 27, 2002
TCEF's vice-president Susan Chase, here at Córdoba Airport, leaves for South Africa, to coordinate the arrival of new group of argentinian exchange students, to finalize contacts with several schools for future projects and to liaise with UNISA officials.
Exchange students return home (More info...)
../news/past/20021111/icon.jpeg November 11, 2002
An emotional farewell to South African exchange students at the end of their stay in Argentina. At Córdoba Airport.
South African students visit the falls. (More info...)
../news/past/20021030/icon.jpeg October 30, 2002
A small group of South African exchange students visit the Iguazú falls at the border of Argentina, Paraguay and Brasil, accompanied by Foundation President Duncan Chase.
TCEF President Duncan Chase at AASU, Savannah, GA (More info...)
../news/past/20021010/icon.jpeg October 10, 2002
International Academic Cooperation agreements were signed between AASU - UNVM and UTN VM with international initiatives provided by AASU and The Chase Foundation - Argentina
Duke of Cornwall Singers' Tour 2002
../news/past/20020820/icon.jpeg August 20, 2002
Follow the South African Dukes of Cornwall Singers Choir during their Tour in Argentina. Thirteen days, lots of concerts, shows, emotions and unforgettable experiences!