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There are many ways to contact us. Please use the most efficient one:
Contacting us - Electronically

Contact us about a specific plan:
Please navigate to the plan you'd like more information about, and use the 'Contact about this plan' link at the bottom of the page.

General questions about registration
Follow this link: Registration

Follow-up questions:
Please understand that we cannot release any information about participants or their actual status, except to the persons who are part of the original contract. These persons received private e-mail addresses to contact us.

Problems with the webpages
Please click on the 'Webmaster' link at the bottom of the problematic page. This will permit us to detect where the problem is. Then use the form to describe it.

Any issue not covered above:
Follow this link: Information

Contacting us - Mail

Fundación Chase - Argentina
Albert A.Schweitzer 1717
Villa Carlos Paz - 5152-JVA Córdoba

Contacting us - Telephone and Fax

Fundación Chase - Argentina
Tel +54 3571 422224

Tel +54 9 3571 666110